In the past 20 years working in Sports Business – he has led many leading marquee projects with athletes, sports initiatives, and events in the country.
His vast experience and expertise in the field of sports mainly come from his past association with several sports, event marketing, and media management companies like FMMI, Repucom, Percept D’Mark, Procam International, and E-Sense Entertainment.
With an overall experience of 20 years in sports business and talent management, he plays an instrumental role at U Sports in business direction, building and choosing mandates, creating IPs and franchises in select but expanding sports disciplines and categories.
He largely focuses on building teams, leagues, and academies that empower young athletes and work towards the overall ecosystem. The aim is the positive transformation of the sports scenario in the country.
He is an experienced hand in the sports industry, Supratik Sen was previously the National Head, of Sports and Events Marketing at Redbull India. As a professionally trained athlete, he has also been a member of the Indian national rugby team.
His strong interest in sport resulted in him being a part of the Sports Marketing movement, sweeping India at the current time with more sporting disciplines coming into prominence.
He has been a faculty program planner for some of the leading management institutions in India, where he advises on sports marketing and tourism development through sport.