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Mohanraman G
Mohanraman  G
Playing Roll: Raider
Nationality: Indian
Born: 20 Jul 1997

Mohan started playing kabaddi primarily because everyone in his school was also playing. Once he realised that he enjoyed playing the sport, he joined SAI at the age of 16 to better his skills. He was then selected to represent his school at the school state tournament. Post which, he was selected to play junior state followed by the Nationals. In 2015, he was picked for the junior India camp.

Mohan’s father, a kabaddi player himself, was his first coach. So it’s no surprise that out of 300 players that attended the Coimbatore camp, he was one of the 35 players selected for the NYP camp in Gujrat. Studying in his third year BBA-CA, Mohan is looking forward to being a part of PKL for the first time.

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