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Kuldeep Singh Narwal
Kuldeep Singh Narwal
Playing Roll: All- rounder
Nationality: Indian
Born: 01 Apr 1986

Kabaddi being the only sport played in his village Rindhana, Sonepat, Kuldeep started playing the sport at the age of just 10 years. The youngest of 6 siblings, Kuldeep likes spending time at home with his family and daughter, when not playing kabaddi. His father was part of the Army during the Jhatt Regiment and has grown up watching his father play kabaddi.
Employed with the South Central Railways as a Ticket Checker, Kuldeep is posted in Secunderabad and spends about 2-3 months in that city, when not at the training camps or preparing for PKL.

Kuldeep was a part of season 4’s winning team, Patna Pirates and was previously with Jaipur Pink Panthers for 2 seasons. He has enjoyed his experience in the league and is looking forward to play with our side.

He is a thorough vegetarian and shares, that the 2 times he did try non-vegetarian, he couldn’t sleep at night as he was dreaming of chickens. Since then, he stays away from it.  

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