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Shabeer Bapu Sharfudheen
Shabeer Bapu Sharfudheen
Playing Roll: Raider
Nationality: Indian
Born: 03 Aug 1986
Height: 181 cms
Weight: 84 kgs

There are some sportsmen who instil fear in the opponent because of their aggression and some who command respect because of experience. Shabeer Bapu Sharfudheen does both. Breaking into a Mumbai side which featured well-known players such as Anup Kumar, Shabeer stole the limelight in Season One with his unstoppable raids and played a crucial role in winning the finals in Season Two.

A late entrant to the sport, Shabeer dropped out of degree education in his Second Year when he got an opportunity to work and play with SBI Mysore’s team. Originally from Pallakad, Kerala, this Left Raider then made rampant strides and played at the India camp for four years. Despite being over 6 feet tall, Shabeer believes in his strength of agility and often steals bonus points using his sheer muscle power.

Shabeer’s play in the Season 2 finals completely changed the game for U Mumba. His super-raid in the last few minutes turned the game around, leading to their win. Post-game, Captain Anup Kumar even credited the win to Shabeer.

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