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Kabaddi Insider

It has been in existence from thousands of years, but it seems the modern Mumbaikar has perfected the art of kabaddi, not because he has a deep knowledge about the sport, but because he indulges in kabaddi-like situations every single working day. Don’t get it?

Here are some facts about the game’s overseas growth that will leave you surprised Centuries after the warrior Abhimanyu who ‘raided’ opponents in their Chakravyuh and legend had it that kabaddi was developed as a sport to celebrate his bravery, the sport has grown far and wide in the modern urbanised world...

Top five myths about kabaddi that MUST be busted before Pro Kabaddi League..

When was the last time you thought of challenging your buddies to a game of Kabaddi? Read on, these five reasons on its cool-ness might get you to make plans very soon..

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