Life In Germany

Bitburg, location of the U Dream Football training facilities, is a city located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Situated in south-west Germany, Bitburg is located close to Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Widely known for its commercial development district and with a population of under 15,000, Bitburg is an ideal location for a football training facility.


Bitburg falls under the Eifel Line and is well connected to the rest of the country by way of a comprehensive rail network. 


Summers are warm, but not extreme. Winters can get very cold, with temperatures hovering around freezing point. 

German Cuisine

Each region of Germany has its own speciality dish and variations of typical German cuisine. German food is rich, substantial and delicious, with each region having its own speciality dishes and traditional cuisine.

Bitburg offers various dining options, from popular chains to multi-cuisine restaurants.  


In Bitburg, the students will be housed in residential service apartments under the protective care of the team managers and support staff. Each shared room will include – TV, internet access and bathroom.

The facility also includes common recereational areas, with a mix of arcade and indoor games. Meals are served in a common dining area and prepared keeping in the mind the nutritionary requirements of the football players.


Evening and weekend entertainment will include trips to watch live games, team building exercises, short treks etc.

The players will be supervised for excursions by qualified staff with relevant first aid and child protection certificates.

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