Starting August 2017, the programme will offer International Schooling in association with one of the most reputed International Schools in Germany.

In addition to football training, U Dream Football lays strong emphasis on the child’s academic development and in partnership with B.D.M. Institute, Senior Secondary School, the U Dream Football programme includes CBSE schooling with exceptional learning opportunities to help your child prepare for a strong career.

To enable the selected players to carry on with their classes, qualified teachers accompany the players to Germany. Three teachers have accompanied the first batch of players to Germany to conduct classes in accordance with the school curriculum. The students will continue their schooling under the CBSE board until the 12th Standard, following which they will continue their higher studies at a German university. Further, in partnership with Volkshochschule Bitburg, the players also learn German language in their first year, with Spanish and French added to the curriculum in the second year.




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